Oddly, Casey brightened slightly at the idea of going online. She knew there were people watching her but she couldn't see them so it wasn't as bad as the shoots with Mark. Last night wasn't completely unpleasant with the new settings on the Lush either. If she had to display herself in horrible ways and masturbate for people for a money, the webcam was probably the least unpleasant way to do it.

Soon she had her Lush in place and was kicking up a storm taunting her viewers to make her cum, which they did multiple times. Jolene watched her from the side for a while and smiled. Her sister really was becoming a star, and now after their little talk at the coffee shop yesterday she was throwing herself into her career of her own volition even though she hated it. She patted herself on the back about it. She'd done well. If there were awards for getting people to do things for their own good even if they didn't want to do them she'd win one for sure.